Thursday, May 31, 2007

All by Himself: Getting Dressed

This morning my son dressed himself. All by himself.

He took out a t-shirt and carefully figured out the front and back.

He chose his own underwear (Lightening McQueen boxer briefs).

He pulled out a (thank goodness) matching pair of pants (currently he's into sweat pants...I think cause they are easy on, easy off for those moments where OMG I held my pee too long).

The shirt was half tucked into his pants. The pants were pulled up to his nipple line, making him look like a cute Asian Urkel. But he did it.

I knew he could put on his shirt. I knew he could put on his underwear. I knew he could put on his pants. But it was the first time I knew he could do it all at once---all by himself---that he could dress himself without needing my help at all.

My little boy is growing up.

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