Monday, June 04, 2007

Damn Bad, Damn Glad

Zorro: "Damn."

Me (double taking): "What did you say?"

Zorro: "Damn."

Me: "That's not a nice word. I don't want you to say that again. Okay?"

Zorro: "Okay."

Me (checking): "Where did you hear that from?"

Zorro: "From daddy."

Whew. Damn glad it wasn't from me.


Jellybeans Mom said...

LOL! Those kids are "damn" sponges aren't they? hahaha Jellybean and I had a similar thing happen. She said "I have to pick up my damn toys!" I said "What?" She says "I said I have to pick up my damn toys." So I said "Mommy really has to stop talking like that!" **blushes**

kim said...

Oh, how that makes me laugh. Bet DH wouldn't have heard about it if it HAD been from you! :-)