Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Lessons

I must remember that although Lucy is an adult, she is a canine adult. I am told I must not give her the benefit of the doubt. I must treat her as if she had the mind of a 2 year old child.


Which means I cannot trust her to stay downstairs while I am fixing lunch. Although upstairs is off limits (and she knows this), she cannot resist the lure of exploration and the hunt for treasure. Remember the last time led to the discovery of daddy's stash of donuts.

Yesterday, she joyfully found the opened bag of dark chocolate Hersey Kisses. That joy was quickly dispelled (in more ways than one) with having to drink hydrogen peroxide and throwing it all up. Misery followed with an eventual trip to the ER about 7 hours later.

The diagnosis: Too much acid, dehydrated, low fever, and another expensive lesson for me.


kim said...

How are things? Thinkins of Lucy. Hope she is all better!

Kim said...

Needing an update. :)

Anonymous said...

Where are you? I have been visiting your blog for the past few weeks, and no new entries! I can't wait, hope all is well. Love you tons, YJC