Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Enough is Enough!

Stop. The. Bus.

I'm getting off. I'm not going to let myself continue this way. I am going to make myself happy or cry trying.

So, it's back to looking for the silver linings and gratitudes for me. Luckily, I am blessed with the best little boy in the whole world. (Yes, I did say the best!) He makes me laugh and appreciate my life every stinking day.

How could you not laugh when you hear an imperious, "Mom! Wipe my butt!"

In the spirit of Three Beautiful Things, I will try to come up with 3 things that made me smile. At least for today.

1. The Homer Simpson like sound of pleasure from my son as he tried Cocoa Puff cereal for the first time.

2. The sight of Family Guy's Brian slapping Lois's butt. (You gotta find comedy where you can.)

3. Because I have been the bunny.


Jellybeans Mom said...

Awww...I like the Homer Simpson reaction. hee hee

Hang in there.

kim said...

This is a different Misha. Misha IS human! {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} my friend!

Mr. Pendous said...

4. Because you were once my carrot.