Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rare but There

My tip for you (free and unwarranted ~ but also harmless):

Get a box of mini candy canes. You can get about 40 for $0.99 (plus tax). Or if you are feeling more generous ~ some small Snickers bars or bags of M&M's, the kind you'd give out at Halloween.

Here's the important part, put it in your purse or backpack. Then as you go about your day... you will invariably encounter the crying, whining babies and their parents, the disgruntled store clerk, the pained at customer service department... It might be the season to be merry and jolly, but it sure doesn't feel like it sometimes.

Do your part to help out...hand out a candy to someone. It's a small gesture of goodwill but I guarantee it will brighten someone's day and maybe they will pay it forward. One ripple...

Seeing a smile where there wasn't one before, definitely makes your own steps just a bit lighter. And don't we all want to be lighter this Christmas?!


Sharon said...

Wonderful idea. I should pass this on to DS for his customers at Target.

You are blogging, but why haven't I seen you anywhere else?

kimmay said...

I love this thought. I wonder how many would give you the stink eye? It seems sometimes generosity is accepted with a lot of caution. Or, maybe I get the stink eye because I am an odd looking stranger.

This would be a fun social experiment.