Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Husband, My Husband, My Husband

Three Beautiful Things:
  1. My husband coming home from work (and not grouchy)
  2. My husband putting food on the dinner table (dinner he cooked)
  3. My husband standing in front of the kitchen sink (actually washing dishes)

OMG! Is it my birthday? Is he cheating? Am I dying?
Who cares? I'm just taking it all in and enjoying.
It's a beautiful thing.


kim said...

This man is a saint!

Anonymous said...

I am finally back to reading your blog. hope all is well, and will try to see you end of January/beg of Feb.

Jellybeans Mom said...

Wow! Who knew? Hope it's not a one time thing. Hope you enjoyed it too. (((HUGS)))