Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stitching and Bitching

*whimper* No one told me I needed to lift weights before my knitting meeting. My left forearm is sore and I smell like an old person. *groan* Crafting is making me feel old and weak. The other night I bandaged my fingers to protect myself from getting burns from the plastic twine I was crocheting with. This morning I'm putting Bengay on the arm to ease the ache from knitting. *sob*

On the positive side, I learned how to do k1,p1. And I learned I have been doing my knit wrong. It only took 2 months to learn that one. *grimace*

I'm hoping to have something knitted by the end of the year. Something that resembles something. I know. How ambitious of me! Maybe a potholder. Or a wash cloth. I wouldn't hold your breath though. I suck.

Note to self: I cannot knit for 2 hours straight.


Alwyn said...

Looks like you'll have to put your PT hat back on, huh?

Jellybeans Mom said...

Don't'll be a pro in no time.

Tanya said...

How can you possibly be knitting wrong??? There are several methods of knitting and if you are doing what that was comfortable for you, then it wasn't wrong.

I remember when I first started knitting, I would add and drop stitches all the time. I could CO 10 stitches and then 3 rows later I'd have 12 and 3 rows after that I'd have 9. It's just a matter of practice and getting the 'feel' of it.

Misha said...

*blushing* Ummm...I stuck the needle in the loop the from the wrong way.

Tanya said...

I still say not wrong... just give it a name and call it new stitch :)

kim said...

This title really tickled me.

How may points do you burn in this process? Sounds pretty physical. Don't forget to count your activity points!!!! :)

You got rid of your punching in letters code thingy down there. Yay...I always flunk that at least one time!