Monday, September 22, 2008


I know I have been lax, so I'm going to make an effort to post at least a weekly update. If I don't, you have my permission to kick my big, flat butt.

I can hardly believe we've only been home 1 week. It seems much longer but in a very good way. It was a week of firsts and a week of discovery.

Saturday, the day after we got back, we went to daddy's working place for their open house. We stayed for a little bit and had some fun. Z and I went on the big slide. It was our first time. We each had a blanket and slid down. Whee! He rode a kiddie roller coaster and had some ice cream. The rest of the weekend was for relaxing, catching up on mail and shopping.

On Monday, we joined Patches and had a tennis lession. Z tended to "batter up" with the racquet. The coaches, Miss Suzanne and her husband did a great job with the kids. Z had some good hits and got some running in when they had relay games. He loves to vroom his engines!

Tuesday was a bit busy. I had an early doctor's appointment. Then I snuck in a trip to Joann's and found some containers for Z's toys. (We moved most of his toys up to his bedroom. His daddy wanted to reclaim the living room. I guess he got tired of stepping on cars and over train tracks. The bins I found are clear, stackable, and easy access.) Superkids gymnastic started again, so we headed off to class. Then we jetted home. I packed a lunch, and we had a picnic and some play time at the park. Next was Z's 5 year old appointment (mentioned briefly in the last post). Everything went well. Z is in the 20-25 percentile. I guess he has genes from my side of the family. I'm hoping he makes it over 5'6". If not, thank goodness he's got that great personality! The doctor just mentioned he needs to work on his one-legged balance. He got to a 8-9 count. They wanted him to get to 10. He does very well with the one-legged hopping, though.

Wednesday was just awesome! One of the Patches' parents arranged for the kids to do a rock climb at REI. The beginning was a bit rocky (sorry, I couldn't resist!). Z made it about half way up before throwing in the towel. The second time, he needed tons of encouragement. Everyone started cheering for him, chanting his name. This kid is hilarious. He told the kids "louder!" I'm glad I was filming that part. With a slight tug of the rope to help him over a difficult area, he was able to make it to the top to ring the bell. He was pretty stoked and eagerly did a few more climbs and lots of bell ringing! I even got a chance to climb! I have to admit, I think I did a great job myself for my first climb. You know I rang that bell!

On Thursday, we went to the South Coast Botanic Garden. They were having a kids session on spiders. The kids got to water the plants, getting the water from an "old" water pump. Then they had a craft making a spider web from string, paper plates, and a spider ring for the center. They also had storytime and got to hear 2 stories. The instructors had some cool spiders to show, and one egg sack had hatched so we saw lots of little spiderlings. Spider webs were also discussed, and we went web hunting. The kids also got to plant a spider plant to take home. After the class, we hooked up with another family from Patches and wandered around the gardens. I love hanging out with other parents. I get some good ideas by watching and listening.

Friday was a day for me to get some errands and housework done. We sent some photo discs to the grandparents and went to Costco. We did some laundry. Daddy had a successful day at work after a long week and 16 hours of overtime, so we celebrated dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe. If you've never been there, I highly recommend a trip. The hummus trio is great. Daddy does not like hummus, but he loves this. Plus the pita they make is so yummy! You can't go wrong with their burgers. This place knows how to cook the meat so that it stays moist and retains the burger flavor, without getting overpowered by the other ingredients. I had the Bleu Cheese New York for the first time. Oh. My. God. D-e-lish! Hubby totally agreed. He had the Gaucho Flatiron Steak and thought mine was way better. It was.

Saturday, I had my first sewing class. Daddy had to go into work, so Z went with him. Z was very excited and dressed like daddy does to go to work. Jeans and a polo shirt. Unfortunately for daddy, daddy needs to concentrate and zone out. Daddy learned that it's nearly impossible to do so with a 5 year old in the room. hee hee. My class went okay. We started making a simple potholder that we made a bias for and had to hand sew. The only problem is the class might get cancelled. We may not have enough students for the class to continue. I'll find out later this week. I hate when my classes get cancelled. I seem to be interested in things that most people aren't. *sigh*

Sunday was laundry and more shopping. I also got to go to my knitting group and the after knitting dinner for one of the ladies. We went to the House of Vege. While the taste was good, some of the textures took some getting used to. Like cubed "chicken" had the consistency of tofu or fish cake. The best dishes were the lettuce cups and the eggplant. Maybe since they weren't trying to be something they weren't, know what I mean? Some of the guests were friends the birthday girl had from work, teachers. Listening to them chat made me so grateful I have the opportunity to homeschool. One of the knitters next to me said if she was pregnant, she'd talk to her husband about moving to avoid raising her kids here. School sounds like a scary place.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll get some vacation photos up soon. Don't hold your breath.

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