Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week of the Spiders

Both the South Coast Botanic Garden and the Natural History Museum had spider events. We hooked up with Z's friend Chloe and checked out the Spider Pavilion at Exposition Park. While we were there, we also visited the California Science center and the Air & Space Museum. Having a friend along can make learning fun.

Flying made slime
lovely spiders

At the botanic garden, the kids went to the botanic garden. We actually were there for twice. Once for spiders and once for mice. The kids get to do a craft and hear a story or two. Another of Z's friends attend the gardens lessons. Their parents work at REI, so after we go on a hike together. A fountain of knowledge, the daddy points out lots of cool things. I learn as much as I can, my ears wide open as he explains things to his girls and Z. Yup. More girls. What can I say?! Girls are cool.
sheet web
pretending to film

making spider web
viewing spiders
watering plants

old fashion water pump fun

gw = grey (or reclaimed) water

raccoon tracks
bubble fun
great road
sprinkler and frien
We also joined Patches for another day of tennis and one of soccer. You'd think with all this exercise I would have lost some weight. Oh well, there's still hope.

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