Monday, October 08, 2007

New Truck

Zorro has been wanting a Power Wheels for a long time now. He'll admire them in the stores, sitting in the ones he can, pretending to drive.

We've held off purchasing one since they are a rather pricey toy and storage is a problem.

But, last Friday, we decided the price was right. He'd made it 1 whole week dry in bed sans diapers or pullups. He'd been doing his paperwork without fussing. We'd give him the Power Wheels as a reward and figure out the minor details later.

So my husband tucked the box into our bedroom closet, waiting till after Zorro's bed time to assemble it. The battery took 18 hours to charge so we kept mum (and kept him out of the closet) until it was ready.

We surprise him with the F-150 truck. He is thrilled and amazed, hopping into it immediately. Then he pauses.

"But, there's no cup holder..." he says.

Oy vey! Kids nowadays!

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