Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You May Love the Nightlife

Mornings alone with my son are one of our most treasured times. I would go to his room to wake him up for the day and he would ask, "Mom? Do you want to snuggle?"

Do I want to snuggle?!

I get into bed with him and under the covers.

Somedays he is "Copycub" {from Richard Edwards' "Copy me, Copycub"}and I am his mommy bear...we are huddled in our warm, safe cave, ready to hibernate as the snow falls outside the entrance. Sometimes he is an egg and I am a mommy duck. He tells me to sit on him and from beneath me I hear a "crack." Then my fuzzy little duckling emerges in a flurry, amidst the down of the comforter.

Mornings are our time. It's our time to bond over hugs, tickles and lots of pretending, but always with a very real love.

I wonder who I'll be tomorrow.


Sharon said...

This gives me the warm fuzzies. I so miss that sweetness, the time when mommy was the whole world. You and Z are so lucky to be able to share. Enjoy every second of it.

Jellybeans Mom said...

Isn't that neat? Jellybean and I have our own daily morning snuggle. I miss it when she wakes up late.