Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unfinished and Finished

So, I finally got around to taking photos of my current FO's and UFO's. Finally got around to uploading those photos. Let me preface by saying I suck at following patterns. Most of what you see (and will see) starts with a pattern and takes a left at Albuquerque. Why? Because I can't figure out the instructions so I wing it from there. So, that being said, here we go!

Baby Bucket (or Sun) Hat

I used the Cross Bucket Hat pattern to get me started (using a smaller hook for the smaller head and 4 ply cotton). Then I took flight.

bag in mid work looked like a shawl or rug

If you make this and it doesn't look like mine, that's because it's been altered slightly from the original pattern. I did warn you!

I think it will be part of a bag. Just haven't finalized that thought yet. I used cotton 4 ply and I hook.

This is the same pattern I used on my trip to Hawaii. I do love it! It's great to start a tote off with. Once I get to the mesh section, I kinda do my own thing. This one is finished with 6 rows of hdc white and 6 of yellow. Then the handles are about 48 rows of hdc.

Okay. That's it for now. I am STILL working on a knit scarf. It's too ugly to post now but when I am done and have doctored it up, I will.

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kim said...

The hits just keep coming. You get better and better. I LOVE the hat and the model at the top. Adorable!