Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's been awhile, but we've had some doozies that I just had to write down.
  • I needed to get the capsule form of Nyquil. My trip to Sam's was futile since they had the liquid and the capsules of Day and Night together (we don't use day). At checkout (I bought milk), Z tells the clerk that she needs to make sure to have the other medicine in stock next time. And to "tell your parents". I think he meant her bosses.
  • A neighbor asked Z what he was doing as he approached them to say hello. He responded with a casual, "Still learning."
  • At a restaurant we frequent, the waitress asked us how many in our party. Z replied, "Still three."


kim said...

How perfect you collect these isms! I have to have a section like this on my blog when luke gets big enough. I hope you don't mind that I steal from you. Love reading about your son.

sherry said...

I love the still learning remark! I wish I could hug this cute. He is just too adorable.

Mr. Pendous said...

You need to make him remember that he's "still learning" when he doesn't seem to think he is.

And um... does "still three" mean that he's hoping one day it's four?