Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Diplomatic Doctor

Yesterday, my husband and I went back to his surgeon for a check up and to get the stitches out. My husband had been raring at the bit, somewhat stir-crazy, eager to return to work. He wanted to go back on Monday.

I'm thinking he is crazy.

He can barely tolerate riding in the car for 10 minutes. How is he going to drive himself to work (which is a much longer commute) and work 8 hours?

So he brings up the subject with his doctor since the doctor must clear his return to work.

God bless his doctor!!

The doctor is like... "Yeaaah, you coooooould go back to work. It's up to you. What about after Thanksgiving?"

I was like giggling inside because I heard exactly what he was saying..."Yeaaah, you IDIOT you coooooould go back to work IDIOT. It's up to you IDIOT. What about after Thanksgiving IDIOT?"

Hubby heard it too and is not going back to work on Monday.

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kim said...

My hubby went back to work after GBS very early. There was nothing I could do to convince him to stay home. He was always sorry he did. I hope your hubby takes all the time he needs.