Monday, November 27, 2006

Pre co cious

Several people have referred to my son as being precocious.

Precocious. Pre*co*cious.

What the hell?! How dare you?!

Oh. I see. It's not a bad word?


1. mentally advanced for age: developed or mature, especially mentally, at an unusually early age, or showing such advanced development

I think he seems precocious because he is taught our family has rules, rules like manners and being polite. We have certain expectations of him and his behavior. There is a time and place for everything, playtime and serious time. He is taught to put away things that aren't being played with, to clean up messes. He refers to adults as "miss" and "mister". He uses "please" and "excuse me". He is taught there are consequences to his actions.

Precocious? Not sure I agree.

Precious? Infinitely.

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kim said...

I will second that! :-)