Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun and Games on Halloween

My husband is going to be having surgery.

Yesterday in the doctor's office, we waited to see the doctor for the last meeting before the surgery. No one is really excited about having the surgery. Especially the patient who will be having the anterior cervical spine allograft and plating. Which means in layman's terms, the surgeon will cut into the front of his neck to fix the problems with his disc and bone spur. Surgery alone is bad enough. The thought of someone cutting into your neck... jeepers, creepers!

Except if you are 3 years old.

In your Firefighter Halloween Costume.

Singing in the doctor's office the song you just made up.

"Surgery. Surgery. Sur-ur-urgery. Surgery. Surgery. Sur--ur-ur-ger-yyyyyyyy."


Lori said...

Hahaha.....DS is too cute!!!

Alwyn said...

That's more hilarious than his telling you to enjoy the car ride!