Monday, December 04, 2006

Duh Mom!

I try to monitor what my son watches on television. I find that even shows that are labeled for kids are not necessarily the shows I want him to see. I make sure I explain to him the images he is seeing so that he won't be frightened or upset. I say things like "that's not real". And "it is pretend."

My son enjoys having me with him, wants to make sure I am watching with him, especially the scenes he loves. This evening we were watching Disney's Cars movie (for the upteenth time). I know how important it is to him that I watch. So I try to get all revved up too so he would feel like I was huge fan too (which I am 'cause it is a great movie), partners.

I ooooh'd and aaaaah'd my ass off during the racing scenes. Even added some whoa's and moans and groans in there. I guess I was too good.

My son turns to me and says, "it's only a movie."

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kim said... taught him well! he is soooo cute! would love to see the front of his head! :)