Sunday, December 03, 2006

Flied Lice

Let me set the premise for this one...

My mom is from Thailand.
So is one of her friend.
Both have accents.
They were going to play golf today.
So mom made sure to ask dad to pack mom some foods to snack on for her day at the course.

Mom came home 6 hours later and asks me, "what is the name of the club that you use to hit the golf ball out of the sand with?"
I say, "sand wedge".
Then mom starts laughing.

This is what happened on the golf course:
Mom's friend: "Pass me the sand wedge."
Mom: "I don't have any sandwiches. Only eggs."


kim said... a speech pathologist I love this one too!

did I tell you about the day when I went to get chinese food (pre WW) and he said "YOU NEED FORK AND NAPKIN?" i'm sure you can imagine the accent that was behind this TOTALLY came out "YOU NEED F***IN' NAPKIN?!" (say it with your very best accent to make it effective...may just be one of those stories that can only be told face to face but i still giggle over it!)

Misha said...

That is fork and funny!!