Friday, December 22, 2006

Leonardo Da Boy-ci

A few days ago we went shopping for my son's Christmas presents. Since he is still young enough to believe what we tell him, he came along. We picked out "My First Kenmore" items, a vacuum and a toaster for him. He was told that the gifts were for his cousin.

Poor baby. He cried.

He really really wants the vacuum and toaster.

I think he will be very excited on Christmas day. His gifts also include: microwave oven, chef's hat/oven mitts/apron, stove/sink, pots/utensils.

We encourage all his interests, so he also is getting Tonka construction vehicles, monster truck, paddles and baseball & bat.

What a Renaissance boy!

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kim said...

Oh my! Something tells me you will be playing, too! You all have fun!