Saturday, December 02, 2006

Homecoming Story

Once upon a time a girl got fat. She got married, got fatter, had a baby, and got even fatter.

Then she found Weight Watchers and Bootcamp Buddies. She worked hard. And she once again could see... she could see her feet and the space between her legs. She even saw her own muscle definition without straining. She was pleased, very very pleased.

Then, she went home.

Somehow coming home for me is such an enlightening experience.

I came home minus 30 pounds of excess body weight. I was looking forward to finally not hearing "Look at the size of your arms" and "You need to lose some weight".

But instead of the usual "You're too fat", I got "You're too skinny." Not "You're too skinny" kidding/ha ha/fun type of comments. Serious "You're too skinny" comments from family and family friends.

Which is weird since skinny was a word that would have last been appropriate for me at age 8.

So it reaffirms my belief...I cannot please everyone so I should try to please me more often.

And I am pleased with me.

So deal.

The end.


kim said...

If it means anything, I am pleased with you too. :-)

Norm said...

Well we get to see you on Saturday!! Norm