Thursday, November 01, 2007

Babe-isms 11/1/07

One of my friends quotes her daughter's cute "-isms."

"Zorro-isms" sounds like quite a mouthful.

I'm tired of "Out of the mouth of babe."

How about "Babe-isms?" Not bad, I think. It fits. I call him babe. He is (and always will be) my baby. Therefore Babe-ism it is!

Here are a few of his latest creations...

"Toasted toast"

"Fastily" (quickly)

"Hibernationing" (the act of snuggling under the covers like polar bears)

"Sizzlicious" (something good!)


Jellybeans Mom said...

Babe-isms sounds perfectly good to me!!

I love the little ones' -isms.

kim said...

babe-ism sounds like something Z would come up with. I see where he gets it!