Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's a Small World (Take 5?)

I know! I know! Another one? True! This happened yesterday...

The moving van had just left, and our newest neighbor was outside talking with another neighbor. We went over to introduce ourselves.

She says, "Oh, are you the ones from Hawaii?" We respond affirmatively and do the usual "what island/what city." She tells us she's from Hawaii but had been in California since the 60's. Her gentleman friend tells us she's from the same city I am...went to the same high school ~ albiet before I was a twinkle in my father's eye.

I say, "What year did you graduate?" (It's something typical someone from Hawaii asks. We want to know where you went to high school and what year you graduated. Then we ask if you know so and so and the information binds us together and makes us friends of friends and family. One big ohana.)

She replies, "1963." 1963?!

I ask her if she knew my father. Bam Zip Zowee!!! Holy six degrees Batman!! If you guessed she was my dad's classmate, you win yourself a prize!

Not only were they classmates, but they apparently used to race cars, with my dad prodding her, "One more time." She says he signed her yearbook liberally with the refrain "One more time."

It was wild and weird...another strange coincidence that cements that idea that it really is a small world.


kim said...

That is really weird. I bet your dad got a kick out of it.

Jellybeans Mom said...

That's even better than our story!! Very cool!