Monday, November 05, 2007

Dear Doctor

I was scheduled to have my annual GYN check up today. Now, while this is not necessarily something we ladies look forward to (I know, shock to some of you guys, but trust me...we don't), it is definitely a must do to maintain our health. Cervical cancer is a big deal. Heck, cancer is a big deal. So, I made the appointment well in advanced, making sure to write it on several calendars so I wouldn't forget.

I dropped my son off at preschool and headed over for my 9:30 am appointment. Then I proceeded to sit and wait until my name was called.

And wait.

And wait.

Finally I was called in, got undressed and put on that lovely paper shirt with the opening in the front. A quick glance at my watch told me it was already 10:30. I sat for another 10 minutes before getting dressed again.

What was more important than getting a clean bill of health down there? Making sure my son didn't think he was abandoned and picking him up on time.

Really doctors. It's bad enough I have to expose myself to you in that way, but do you really need to keep me hanging too?

Treat me like a valued customer.

If you are already over an hour late at 9:30 am, you are just too over booked. And although, dear doctor, I think you are great, I'm going to have to take that business end of me somewhere else.

My time is just as valuable.


Tanya said...

I hope you send this to the doctor...

Alwyn said...

I know. I don't know why they set appointments for certain times, yet you don't get seen for an hour and a half later, on average. That's just crazy.