Thursday, July 10, 2008

If you build it...They will too!

On Tuesday we went to Santa Ana to visit the Discovery Science Center.
Bob was there.
It was a great exhibit, encouraging imagination and creativity. The kids loved "building." They could fix pipes, construct a rock wall, push a wheelbarrow, and build a wooden wall.

Aside from Bob, they had tons of cool science displays that had adults and children enthralled. There was a green screen and costumes so you could see yourself on television swimming with dolphins. You could sit in a shake shack and experience an earthquake. Wind tunnels, smoke, sound... and let's not forget the dinosaurs. Ahh, the wonders of learning and discovery...
But I have to say, one of my favorites was the Animal Grossology exhibit. Scents, parasites, poop and history... all the makings for good entertainment in my book. They don't call me "Cliffette" for nothing, ya know?


Kim said...


Your kid is so cute and brilliant.

Sherry said...

What an amazing place! Wonder who had more fun, mom or Z?

Jellybeans Mom said...

How fun! Jellybean loves this place!