Wednesday, March 14, 2007

For my Fans

Since some of you have asked...I'm posting a snippet of my current chapter (chapter 4). Kim finally does it. WAY TO GO KIM!! BTW, this is a sex scene if you haven't figured it out so if you don't want to read it, avert your eyes now!

“Okay?” he asked concerned, gritting through his teeth. I nodded, nipping his neck. In a rush, my breath left as he filled me, sinking deep, all the way within me. My body strove to accommodate his dimensions, bombarded by the onslaught of stimulants. He withdrew, causing me to wrap my legs around him to hold him.

I forced him back, driving my hips up to meet him. He pressed down, and I felt a stunning jolt. I was swiftly discovering all the things I liked—the play of muscles beneath my hands, the fullness of him, the lightning sensations rippling low in my womb as he undulated. I clenched my inner walls experimentally.

“Witch,” he hissed. I was feeling unbelievably powerful and singularly female.

“I prefer ‘sorceress,’” I said tartly, clenching tightly once more. He dropped his head, kissing me with fierce abandonment. Our exchange turned frantic as the stakes were swiftly anted.


kim said...

I'm suddenly starving for cereal.

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Sharon said...

You are such a tease. This just leaves me wanting more. You gotta hurry up and finish this so I can read the whole thing. I can't stand the suspense.