Thursday, March 15, 2007

Suess got it Right

Ever since Zorro was a baby, he has not liked eggs. We tried giving it to him prepared in different ways--scrambled, boiled--to no avail. Whether it's the taste or texture, the result has been the same. He gags.

So after reading a story the other night, he got it in his head he wanted to also eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. He woke up saying, "scrambled eggs."

I made him scrambled eggs. On his plate was a piece of toast (buttered with jelly) and 1/2 a slice of bacon. He tasted the eggs and pronounced it good.

After breakfast, everything was eaten--except the eggs, which he now said was not good. (He usually tries something and says it's good and then refuses to eat any more, so we know it really wasn't.)

Green eggs or not, he does not like it. And now he knows for sure. Maybe he will try again in a few years. Are eggs an acquired taste?


kim said...

I'm sure anything can be acquired. I've even known a few who have learned to eat crow!

Tanya said...

Yeah... but I bet they still didn't like it ;)

Mr. Pendous said...

I didn't eat eggs very much until about my teen years, and I didn't care for boiled eggs until about a year ago - and even then, would only have them say... in a spinach salad.

My very first plain old boiled egg sans salad was when I started dieting three months ago.