Monday, March 19, 2007

You Boob Tube

Beauty is all around us. So is humor.

Today I decided I needed to get back to exercising PITA or not. I turned on the television and got on my mini stepper and began searching the guide for something to watch. Scanning the choices, I landed on Maury. Every once in a while, I'll watch. Come on--admit it, you watch it too. It's hard to resist Jack Hanna and a baby white tiger.

This program was a repeat. How I missed it in January I'll never know. (This was said very sarcastically, BTW.) It asks the question: "Did my man cheat on me because I have one leg?"

Yeah. He did. And the half-brain thing probably contributed too.

So I opted not to watch Maury. I watched Dr. Keith instead..."Fat and Happy in Hollywood."

Ah least I got my exercise in.

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kim said...

Oh the things I miss while I spin my wheels at work!