Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scrambled to Hell

Yesterday was the day from HELL!

Remember the scrambled eggs? Well, as I cooked it, I did the erroneous thing of letting him watch television. After breakfast, he wanted to do his Disney Preschool Time online, which I agreed to.

It all went down hill after that. He didn't want to do any paperwork, preferring to sit on the couch and do nothing instead. It was a pure power struggle. I let him sit there, and just reminded him he was on the couch because he'd rather do that then do a few papers.

Thank God he eventually capitulated. Paperwork done.

But, the power struggles continued. And I think the little bugger has it in his head that mom's a loving pushover. He thinks cute will get him back in my good graces. He has yet to learn that if mom's not talking much and cleaning the house like a madwoman--things are not going to be in your favor.

When his daddy got home, he was not much better. After a few more incidents, dad put him on the couch. The final straw was the pillow with my son's saliva on it. When asked why he licked it, his response was because daddy hadn't been watching him. Daddy marched him upstairs for a speedy bath and teeth brushing and put him to bed. About 45 minutes earlier than normal.

I had told Zorro I hoped he would be better today. If not, we would be going to our park playdate, and he would be sitting on the bench just watching the other kids play with his toys.

I can be a sadistic hardass. Just try me.

Hopefully no more on this to come.

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kim said...

GOSH that is EVIL...I'm FURIOUSLY taking notes of that one!