Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So, I did the laundry, five loads yesterday.

As I was carrying the newly washed, dried, and folded clothes down the stairs, I slipped. Not one of those slips where you slide down a few steps. I did one of those banana peel slips where you go airborne. I completely missed about 3 steps, landing full force on my sacrum, basket and all.

I had to stay there for a minute to work through the pain. Luckily my son was taking his nap, so I could do my suffering alone. I tried to reposition myself to make sure all was in working order. My fears were not that I had broken my tail bone. I was hoping I didn't damage my spine or discs.

Once I got up, I attempted to carry the basket upstairs to the bedroom. The first effort told me this wasn't going to happen. So I attempted again, carrying half the items. I went back for the rest of the basket. Then decided to leave the rest for my husband to tackle when he came home. If I had, at the very least, shifted my SI out of place, walking up and down the steps was just going to make matters worse.

I moved slowly the rest of the day, certainly not by choice, although I am glad I couldn't move fast with the pain I felt. Standing and doing the dishes was not a pleasant experience, either. I ended up on the couch with a heating pad under my ass for a few hours.

My awkward movements reminded me of when I was heavy in pregnancy. It was that kind of pressure but with the addition of pain thrown in. I couldn't even bend over to wash my feet in the shower. I had to hold on to the walls of the stall for support and lift my foot up to meet my hand. Everything got washed. And as of last night I had no visible signs of injury...not even bruising (yes, I checked!).

So this morning, I'm feeling better than I thought I would. Much less stiffer than I expected. The pain has decreased, and I should be able to function rather normally.

I don't think I'll be doing much exercise today. I got a P.I.T.A. as my excuse. What's yours?!


Kris said...

Haven't visited your blog in a while, and just checked in now to read this...ouch! Can't believe you're not in a whole lot of pain. I guess doing housework can be dangerous!

Misha said...

Yeah, remember I cut my thumb cooking---earned a trip to the ER and 6 stitches. Hey, maybe I shouldn't be doing housework. Think the hubby would fall for that? Me neither.

And WTH do you mean you haven't visited my blog in a while? Don't you know all the cool kids are doing it?!