Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trip to the Dentist

On Saturday my husband and I noticed my son's front tooth was turning gray. About 2 weeks ago, his tooth had run smack into a little girl's forehead. She was fine. My son cried up a storm for a bit, then we promptly forgot about it. Until it changed colors.

I took him to the dentist, knowing very well there was little they could do about it. Still, it's best to be prudent. So, we went. According to the dentist, it was a wait and see thing. If severe damage was done, a root canal would be in order. He could have also damaged the permanent tooth that showed up in the x-ray, touching the injured tooth. Apparently, it could be months to a year before you may see any damage in an injured tooth. And since this was his second injury (the first was a chip), he needed to be careful not to do further damage. It is apparently prevalent in thumb suckers, their teeth jut out making them more prone to getting hit.

I explained to my son what the doctor said. I wanted him to be aware and just try to be a little more careful. As careful as an active 3 year old could possibly be.

So we go to Kmart so he can window shop (toys), and he sees some kids running to their mom who is standing by us. He puts his hands out in front to brace himself and hollers, "Nooooo!" Of course everyone probably thinks he is fruity as he procedes to tell them why they cannot hit him and what his dentist has said (something I can only understand).

At least by Jove, I know he's got it. Even if it's just for the moment.

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kim said...

god i love this kid. does he know he has an aunt kim?