Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Does not Compute

A little blond bird told me she was having trouble posting a comment. Well, actually she unfairly accused me of rejecting her comment. As if!

Something screwy is Denmark/Blogger-land. I chose to moderate comments so random people couldn't just write *bleep bleep* stuff unless I felt it was appropriate. In the beginning the computer would read the accurate number of comments for me to approve. Then it began saying I had 1 comments where I could only see none. Yesterday it was up to three mysterious comments.

So, now I know that the mysterious comments which the computer says I do and don't have are really comments someone has written that disappeared in computer la-la land. Man! It must have been some good writing for the computer folks to horde it from me.

I heartily apologize if any of the missing posts were yours. I truly enjoy getting them (especially from you, you know who you are)! I've rechanged the settings so I hope that helps with the problem.

Last night:
My son was having his bubble bath. I blew bubbles (the kind you blow outside with the wand) onto his hand. Then I would "sneeze"..."AH! AH! AH! CHOO!" and the bubbles would disappear. My son was laughing hysterically. What can I say? Three year olds find me hilarious.


Mr. Pendous said...

Love the Macbeth reference.

Last year (or maybe even the year before already), I went to see a show called "MacHomer". It was a one-man show doing Macbeth with the voices and characterizations of characters from The Simpsons. HIGH-larious, I tell ya.

Misha said...


kim said...

oh hell, when I have to type these letters in this box I get all nervous and I worry that I won't get it right and my fingers start to shake a little and then I get them wrong and I have to start all over and this test always makes me feel dyslexic! cdzhggld...i can do it...i can do it!

haha...and my post was borderline obnoxious so maybe it was just guilt that made me worry! :-)

I'll have to try that with the bubbles when I have one of my own. I'm taking notes...