Friday, February 23, 2007

One lump or two

Last October I came upon this sight. I started thinking maybe boys were preprogrammed to know this stuff--

--flagging doorknobs. Was this instinctual? After all, I've never showed him how to do this, nor has he seen anyone else do this. Funny how at 3 he came up with it.

Yesterday, we had a playdate at my home. One of the mommies is due to deliver in May. She was showing her belly to my son, explaining there was a baby inside.

He had no interest in the belly growth. His attention was fixed a bit higher. He was into the booby growth. He patted her breast.

We tried to redirect him to her belly and the baby within. He would touch it briefly, as if to humor us, then back up his hand went.

My son, one track minded, kept patting her breast. "What's this?" he kept saying as he patted it. "What's inside?"

I guess some things are instinctual--curiosity.
And in this case, he prefers 2 lumps over the one.

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kim said...

Your son is starting sooo early...what a little man!

Loved the observations here!