Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life is sweet

I did a little baking last week. I made chocolate cream cheese cupcakes (low fat) and cocoa rice crispy treats. I divided them up and dropped them off to my neighbors.

On Saturday my husband and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner. The oven fans were whirling so we couldn't hear much outside that room.

I was wearing gloves, shredding a turkey leg. My son comes in to ask if he could play with the "ding dong." My response was, "WHAT?!" We don't use that word to describe body parts and I was a bit startled and confused. Then he says that Lucy, our dog, was barking.

It clued me in. Although we hadn't heard anything, someone was probably at the door for Lucy to bark. And "ding dong" meant the doorbell.

So I took off my gloves and went to check. By the time I had gotten there, no one was there. But, they had left me a bouquet of flowers.

12:58 Just wanted to add. After I received flowers, my son decided his daddy needed flowers. So at the grocery store, we picked up a bouquet of purple flowers which he proudly gave to my sick husband. How quickly the little ones understand the power of giving. It's a perfect example of how love is spread. Remember "pay it forward". It comes back to you in ways you never expect.

Give. It doesn't have to hurt. :)


Mr. Pendous said...

Maybe "ding dong" didn't refer to the doorbell. I think he was calling YOU a ding dong for not seeing who was giving you flowers!

kim said...

man...isn't that the truth? you blog makes me feel happy.