Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Celebration of Love

I am grateful I can dance and twirl with my son (and he loves twirling with me).

I am grateful I can run and race my son for the Piston cup.

I am grateful I can stay at home, shower my son with love and watch him grow.

I am grateful for a husband who can cook and does.

I am grateful for a husband who looks forward to spending time with me.

I am grateful I have a loving husband who understands me (most of the time).

I am grateful I have friends who appreciate, support, and make me laugh.

I am grateful I like with who I am on the inside (and the woman looking back at me in the mirror ain't too shabby either).


kim said...

i think on the inside and out you are just as pretty as that picture up there!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that on Valentine's Day my hubby of 35 yrs. went in the ice and snow to get me 3 big metal stars
that I had asked for a few months prior, He already
had his PJ's on for the evening and when our dd said she got some from
her hubby he got dressed and left without me ever saying anything. He
remembered on one of our drives that I mentioned to him that I wanted some. He came back with a big smile on his face that lit up the room and my HEART. Now that
to me is Love.

Artist...and as always you put a smile on my face and make me realize how lucky I am, Misha.