Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life is beautiful

I was inspired

by a wonderful photographer

to dust off my camera.

My skills are sadly lacking. But, I hope you see what I see.

Life is beautiful.


kim said...

Those flowers aren't in bloom right now are they?! I'm so jealous. Good stuff...keep it are fun for the eyes!

Anonymous said...

Jinner,You have a multitude of talents my friend. What beautiful
photos. How did you do the bear?
It looks like the bear is in water
or ice with a light from above.


Misha said...

The bear is a toy I took a picture of at Toys R Us. You push a button, and it lights up. I had to keep telling my son to push the button while I got the camera ready for the shot. The bear was still in the box, so I did the best I could not to get the box in the photo.

The photo of the frog was also at TRU. I did not arrange anything. That was how it was displayed, kinda shoved into a cubby. I took the picture because the color and lighting seemed right. I wanted one with a crowd of plush animals.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation.It is
very striking and is beautiful no matter how it was accomplished.
The frog I forgot to comment on but thought it had something to say
about being different and standing out. Look at me I am who I am and I
can still be friends with someone so different from me. A frog in a sea of