Thursday, January 03, 2008

Knifty Knitter Dog Sweater

Using my blue round loom, I knifty knitted these sweaters for my girl. The first one was just a bit too snug. I think she did the whole "gasping for breath 'cause my pants are too tight" thing. So, I made another...same loom but made the stitches as loose as I could. Looks much better.
For those who are curious as to how I made mine, I used regular acrylic yarn, 4-ply, 2 colors, blue loom. I started out making the neck part. This was done as you would for a hat, making the brim. Then I continued on. The leg holes were done using the technique I found here. At Off the Loom Linda discusses how she made her's. I haven't tried the stretchy bind off but if you are better at this than I am, it probably makes dressing your baby easier.


kim said...

Do these come in Roscoe size? How ADORABLE!

Sharon said...

I was thinking the same thing. I need one for Baxter. It has been cold here. A little red and white one for Ohio State would be really nice.

You are so crafty, Misha!

Anonymous said...

Your puppy sure looks cute in her sweater.