Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Playing House

I buy my son toys that interest and enrich him. He has monster trucks and he has a baby doll. He has trains and he has a doll house. He has a r/c car and he has a pink doll stroller. It's all good.

So today he was playing with his doll house, albiet a little differently than before...

Photo 1: Note the ambulance and fire truck parked outside the house. Note the "girl" lying in the bushes.

Photo 2: Note the fire truck inside the house.

I think my husband needs to stop watching AFV with the boy.


Tanya said...

LOL... my ex would get so mad at me for buying my youngest boy the 'littlest petshop' stuff. But that's is that L wanted at that time. Like you said, It's all good.

kim said...

Oh my you do make me laugh!