Friday, January 11, 2008

Outta his mouth again!

We went out to dinner last night. Instead of bringing a toy for Z to play with, I brought Brain Quest. It consists of a stack of cards with questions...covering areas like story logic, picture matches, and alphabet recognition.

Z constantly amazes me with his answers.

There is a picture of a house with a chimeny.
The question: What comes out of a chimney?
His answer: Santa Claus

I asked: What starts with the letter "H"?
His answer: I don't know.
I say: Think. "H".
His answer: *he sounds it out* "H" huh. huh. Hummus!
DH thinks: huh?!
I think: That's my boy!

And the other night, Z stops playing with his trains and tells us, "My neck is a little tight." So he got a massage and some attention with it! The things they learn from us!!

**Due to the confusion of my adult readers please note: The answer to the first question is not related to the second. The answer to the first is "smoke."


mommy in training said...

Wow. I'm giggling outloud right now. First, because of the hummus. Is this the child of a woman who is on weight watchers or what?

Second, because I have no idea what starts with an H and comes out of a chimney!!!!! Am I having a pregnant moment or is this one much harder than it should be?

Sharon said...

K, you aren't the only confused one. What DOES start with H and come out of a chimney?

The hummus thing cracked me up. A normal 4-year-old would have said house or something along those lines. That Z is one smart cookie (just like his momma).

Misha said...

Now you all have me confused!

They are two separate unrelated questions!! Does that clear things up?

Jellybeans Mom said...

I must have been tired when I read it cuz I thought it was 2 separate questions. LOL

Good job with hummus Zorro!

Sharon said...

Okay, I feel really stupid. Shown up by a 4-year-old. Can you give me some Brain Quest time? I think I need it.

Anonymous said...

Jinner, Your back and I am so glad to read all these great blogs.
Zorro is amazing cause his mom is...Glad to have you back on our BCB site.


kim said...