Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pupsicles and Hot Dogs

What has Lucy so enthralled?

What stops this girl in her tracks?
What makes her calm?
What does she beg for (aside from treats)?
What warms her from inside out (or outside in)?

She loves a good roaring fire.


Sharon said...

That is so adorable, little Lucy lounging in front of the fire.

Love the new layout and that crazy upside-down picture of the eye. (Is that you or Z?)

Misha said...

Z's. Been playing around all morning with this template. Glad you like it!

kim said...

Awww...that is so sweet. Her all bundled up and a roaring fire makes me think you actually live somewhere cold! don't even know what an ice storm is!

You do beautiful things with your blog. Love what you are doing with the place!

Ang said...

That is an excellent pic and perfect write up to go with it!

2kute said...

She's adorable. I like her sweater. Bambam has a pink sweater that I made for her.

2kute said...

I fixed my last post. Now it explains where I am donating my blankets. Thanks for your nice comment.