Tuesday, January 22, 2008

UFOs and FOs

Apparently there is a whole 'nother language I have to learn. The hooker language. No, I don't mean that kind of hooker! Hooker as in crocheting!

I had quite a few Beavis and Butthead moments giggling as I read through some crochet forums. If you get your mind in the gutter, anything can be funny! For example, did you know some women are tight hookers?! Got you giggling too, huh? You Beavis!!

So to my non-hooking friends, I may educate you as I learn a few things. (Even hookers from L.A. can learn something new!) For future references: UFO's are unfinished objects (I think). FO's, therefore, are finished objects. Also, if you see KK it refers to Knifty Knitting. Here are a few of my FO's!

2 Knifty Knitted hats (to be donated to charity)

5 golf club socks/covers (going to my mom)

the 2 on the left are crocheted and the other 3 on the right are KK

another KK doggy sweater for Lucy

My yarn stash is growing at an alarming rate as my interest blossoms in this area. They are like Tribbles! (Who's a Trekkie?)

I am currently learning to knit. I think I figured out I do better with smaller needles, and I am working my first garter stitch scarf. It gained a stitch somewhere, but I'm not frogging! (I think frogging is the correct term. Tanya? A little help?) I'm just going to press on...unless you look carefully, you can't tell. And that is what I am banking on or I will never finish!!

I'm trying to keep my UFO's to a minimum. I've got two small stuffed crocheted animals that need faces, and a crocheted beach bag to finish. Then I get to start something else. Yaaay!!

I'm still deciding what to bring with me on my trip to Hawaii. Knitting needles go in the checked baggage. I'm not risking having to mail them back in case they don't allow me to carry it on. Yes, that means I'll be hooking on the plane.


Tanya said...

Your FO's... look great. total trekkie here... I'm still giggling at the Trouble with Tribbles. Oh, and I've never had a problem with taking my kntting needles on airplanes. I even brought my straights on with me this Christmas and security didn't even blink an eye.

Frogging is when you have to unknit or unravel something...I think. I'm not to current on the lingo either. And, so far in all my works, I've had an 'oops' somewhere... I figure that makes them unique...as long as it isn't a big gaping hole.

Ang said...

In addition to Dove Chocolates and Quotes, we have something else in common! I went thru a crochet phase awhile back and knocked out a few things. I never made it past the throw blanket stage. Your things look great!

Jellybeans Mom said...

Your FO's look great! LOL I don't know the lingo and I probably will never be able to remember them all. I wish I could do either crochet or knitting but the tendinitis in my wrist is so bad I can't hold onto anything that small for a long period of time.

I remember the Tribbles! Not an original Trekkie but I remember them.

Here's the TSA site for travel. It tells you what you can and cannot bring on the plane. You can be like my sister and carry the list with you so you can say "SEE? It says right here that I am allowed to bring this on the plane with me."

kim said...

WHERE do you find the time? I love the black and white hat. Can I have one???? IT IS COLD HERE!