Friday, September 14, 2007

Define "Alright"

I was in rare form yesterday.

There was no pressure for me to do much of anything in a specific timeframe. I didn't feel rushed or harried. My nerves weren't rattled. My smile was genuine.

My husband came home to find me in the midst of cleaning the house. This was at about 2:00 pm. 3 hours later...I'm still cleaning.

"Are you alright?" he queries, concerned because in the past, I get upset...I clean.

I smile and say "yes" and mean it. I continue to dust and reorganize. I even managed to throw stuff away...pack rat that I am...and not shed a tear or blink an eye. (Just a few stuff, mind you...I can't part with everything---who knows for what and when I may need it?!)

It feels pretty good to be in control again. In control in more ways than one.
A few times the hubby checks on me to make sure I am indeed "alright."

Yes, I am finally feeling like I may just be alright. =)

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Jellybeans Mom said...

LOL! I think hubby will be asking you that a lot from now just to be sure. That's okay...that just means he's paying attention. =)