Monday, September 17, 2007

Separation Anxiety

Today Zorro starts his first day of preschool. The class is Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 hours each day. Unlike other classes we've taken together, he will attend on his own while I wait for the time to be over. While I think I will enjoy having some alone time---time which I intend to spend getting some exercise in or getting together with a friend---this is a rather daunting experience...not so much for him, but for me.

This is the first time he will be away from me in the care of a stranger. I know logically this person is employed by the city and has done this class many times before, but never with my child. It's scary I must say. Terrifying. I am putting my most beloved and precious person, my heart, into the arms of someone I have never met before and know nothing about. I am trusting this person to keep him safe and to watch over him until he is back into my arms.

I had a talk with Zorro last night, reviewing safety tips. He knows who his safe adults are and knows not to leave with anyone else. I placed his name tag on his shoe with our pertinent information just in case he gets lost. He will be wearing another on his clothing and one around his neck. I know. Paranoid...but he doesn't know his phone number or address and I'd rather be safe than sorry. Much much rather he be safe.

So mommy's having a wee bit of separation anxiety. Daddy has no clue because it's mommy's secret.

I know people do this all the time. I know. I do. Kids go off to school. Kids get left with babysitters and nannies. Kids go to camp. But, I don't. And not my kid. So, this is a first for us. For me. I know he'll be fine. And I will too.

Mental dialog:
This is good for us. (repeat)


Jellybeans Mom said...

(((HUGS))) It'll get a bit easier as the term goes on. Just be prepared for the time when he barely says good-bye as you drop him off. That's a bit tough the first time it happens but just remember not to take it personally. It just means that Zorro is having such a good time and experience.

Hang in there Mommy.

This is good for you....this is good for you...this is good for you.


Tanya said...

He'll be fine... You??? well, we love you anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

wish i could taste your thai papaya salad, and other dishes by you...miss you. i am sure evan will do great! yjc