Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Love

Lucy is fine. She drank a lot of water yesterday and seemed to be on a little sugar rush, but other than that, she was thankfully normal. I'm so relieved since the hubby has cancelled her "health insurance" policy. He is unwilling to pay for anymore trips to the ER.


Well, that's what happens when a dog lover marries a less compassionate soul. To him, a dog is a dog--an animal. Me? I see her in a different light, a more accepting light. I take the good with the bad because the good way supercedes the bad. To me, she's worth it. Money is just money. But then, I'm not the one making any either...


Org Junkie said...

Just wanted to pop on over to say thanks for delurking today!!! What a cute doggy :)


Jellybeans Mom said...

Glad to hear Lucy is doing better. She's not just a dog...she's your daughter.

Anonymous said...

I love my pets too. My Pogo was a member of the family and very much loved. Now my Madison fills the void that my Pogo has left but he will never be forgotten in my heart. Lucy is adorable and much loved by you....she is a lucky dog.
An animal is only an animal to those who just believe that they are just as worthy than people and in some cases more worthy.