Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Princess Less

If you know me, you know that I am a pack rat. I am proud to say I don't own a cat, and I only have one dog. I can still see my floors, and I throw away my newspapers on a regular basis. I'm not the queen of pack rats. --more like the princess. I can't seem to help myself. I could think of a use for almost anything.

"No! Don't throw it away! I need it!"

You doubt me?!

Here's an example. You know those small plastic containers from drinks like Crystal Light that hold the powder so you just add water in a pitcher?

I save those. They make the perfect containers for holding individual paints during art project time. When we're done, I just rinse them out and save them for next time.

I have also saved yogurt containers which make the perfect size for snacks on the go. The crackers don't get squashed like they do in a plastic baggie and the take up less room than a rubbermaid or tupperware container. I also use them to hold water for our painting projects and have used the lids to hold dabs of paint. The lids are also great to put under table legs to prevent damage to any plastic floor covering you might use.

Package popcorn is saved. It can be reused as package material OR you could paint it and then use it in an artwork. Same goes for macaroni. I saved shoelaces for stringing beads or lacing projects...cleaned, of course. Jars are always a keeper. You never know when you might give a gift of "______ in a jar" or make a snow globe.

The list could go on and on. But I'll spare you my idiosyncrasies.

Lately, I've been getting organized. And I have to admit, it does feel good. It started slowly, but it's been on-going and consistent. I'm not going to win any awards any time soon, but I'm getting better at this. There is an abundance of information out there (and a surprising number of people on the opposite end of the spectrum). One organizer that I've checked out for tips is

It's only Wednesday, and my floors have been wiped and vacuumed, the bathrooms (all 3) are cleaned. The bedrooms, living room, and dining room are cleaned. The bulk of the laundry is done with socks and undies to last us till next week. And all this done 2 weeks in a row. Yeah. I'm amazed too!

Now if I could only get to cooking dinners...I'd be joining the ranks of June Cleaver. I'd say Mrs. Brady but she had a maid.

Lucky bitch.

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Amy said...

I think you and my DH might be related. I, on the other hand, love to throw stuff out!