Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

WOW! Have you all just been waiting?! I can't believe you are all here and just a day after I restarted! And I didn't even have to send out announcements!


I am so lucky to have such great friends!! THANK YOU!!


I actually got the gumption to start back in the kitchen. Yesterday I made Thai papaya salad after a long hiatus. The husband was starting to get worried I may never cook again. (Of course there is no cooking involved with this salad but you get the idea.) I may even attempt another dish in a few days. No need to rush into these things. Don't want to over do it, you know.

Finally got a referral to see an allergist. That visit will take place next week. Hopefully it will help me get a night's rest without waking up half a dozen times coughing. And I'm quite sure the hubby would appreciate any help in his getting a full rest too. It seems to be bothering him more than it does me. But, I'm not up at 4:00 am either (at least not by choice).

Whoooeeee. Two days in a row of blogs. I think it may rain in California tonight! And no therapy tonight. My doc cancelled and rescheduled for next week. Guess she's not too worried I'm going to crawl into a hole and hibernate for the winter. Maybe by next week I'll have something to report to her other than "I'm fine" and have it mean fine fine and not F.I.N.E. fine. Know what I mean? At least I know one of you knows.

And Zorro is sure making gains towards adulthood. He's gone from diapers to pullups at nights. He wears just undies at nap time. We also took off the gate to the bathroom so he can take himself to the toilet. And out of about 12 days, he was totally dry 11, holding his pee till the morning. I'm just incredibly proud of him in so many ways. I am so so lucky to be his mother. I really am.

Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! It's good to be back! Feels so so good! I want to jump and shout and sing (yes, I'll spare you all the singing). I can't explain how good it feels to feel myself. Not literally with my hands. Gawd! Get out of the gutter!!

I'm happy.

Have a good night all.

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Jellybeans Mom said...

Doing the happy dance here! You sound so good!

Hope the allergist helps. If anything you can rule things out.

Congrats to Zorro!! Hope he enjoys preschool next week.

Big (((HUGS))) and hi-5's and what not. It is just so good to see you back.