Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Pimples are a good example of the pitfalls in life.

Pimples are irritating. Not the huge ones that seem to erupt on your face. Not the ones that seem to draw everyone's eyes to that one spot. I'm talking about the ones that people can't see.

I see those questions in your eyes. What is she talking about?!

Let me jog your memory. Remember that pimple you had on the inside of your nose? Inside. I'm talking about way inside. You knew it was there. You could feel its nagging presence with every inhale. Sometimes it would hurt. But it was there. And what could you do about it? Pop it? You try squeezing from the outside. No luck. Just more pain. So can you get it from the source? No, unreachable. So you just suffer through it, hoping it would heal quickly.

And that pimple on your ass? The one that sits right where your panty (or briefs) meets the curve of your butt. The one that gets rubbed by your panty and hurts so you are forced to go pantiless. (Is that a word?) And who really wants to do that? So you don't, instead forcing yourself to bear with the pain. And that just really sucks.

Those are the irritating pimples.

And so as you know, I like to keep things short and sweet. I'll end by saying: Beware of the hidden pimples in your life.


kim said...

I had NO idea others did the pantiless debate too! Thanks for taking the shame away from my hidden ones!

Misha said...

Yep. It figures that it would be you and I, Kim! BTW, two words... Clear Pore.