Friday, January 05, 2007

I know more than you think!

Grandpa and grandma sent my son a "Lightning McQueen" remote car.

You program the car by pushing buttons on the top of Lightning. You can program him to do 15 things in a row. Some are talking things, and some are movements.

One night I am in the kitchen with my husband and my son is with his toy. My son had not been taught how to play with Lightning yet but we can hear him pushing buttons. Then we hear the car tell him he has pushed 15 commands in, and it is waiting for him to push the button for it to start the programs.

I tell my son to push the green button to make it start. My husband says there are TWO green buttons. So I tell my son, "Press the button that has the letter 'G' and the letter 'O'".

McQueen starts to GO!! My husband was quite impressed at our boy.

I was like "KA-CHOW!"

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kim said...

oh that is grrrrrrrreat! I know many kindergarten students that don't know a "G" from an "O".