Monday, January 15, 2007

Primping for my Date

Playdate is essentially that. A date. It's not just play. At least it doesn't feel like that to me as I got ready for the big event at my house.

It feels very much like a real date. The kind of date you'd have with someone you have a romantic interest in.

You are hoping to cultivate it into something more. Something meaningful than just a one-date type of thing.

So I cleaned the house...the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen... all those rooms that my guests may wander into. (In this case, I know the bedroom is safe so I get to leave it mussed.) I know it is about appearances no matter what "they" say.

I make sure the clutter is gone, the toys are stacked. I need my house to reflect how I am as a mother...and as a person. Even if my child and hers are great friends, we will not necessarily become great friends. Especially if she thinks I am a slob and have poor hygiene as well as poor parenting skills.

I want to make a great impression, because I like her. I like her son. I hope we have many more playdates together. I hope we become good friends. Which is why I have been on my hands and knees for the last two days cleaning the toilet and the floors, cleaning mirrors and picking up specks of lint off the carpet.

Because as much as my son needs a friend to play with, so do I.

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