Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All the Way Out of the Closet

I just made it official. I am fully out of the closet! Now all my friends AND family know.

It was a really scary move for me. In the past, I've always wonder about what everyone will think or say. But, maybe I'm getting older (and wiser?) or I just don't care anymore (isn't what I think about ME more important?). I'd rather you find me strange than keep secrets. Besides, it seems kind of silly to have this accessible to millions of strangers but not to family.

So after thinking about it for a few days, I girded up my loins and spread the word. If you are reading this, you
  • are curious (how much stranger can I get?)
  • have nothing better to do
  • really want to see what the heck I am doing now
In any case, thanks for being here. At least once.

BTW, for those that are confused, out of the closet refers to writing my blog. Not my sexual orientation. Just thought I'd clear that up!


Anonymous said...

Viewed your blog briefly.
Don't have the time to read everything.
For choosing an identity, I'm not a blogger, can't be "other" as I don't have a web page, I'm not "anonymous". I'm your second favorite uncle. Guess that got bestowed on me when the title of "My Favorite Niece" was already taken by your younger sister. Guess your blog is good therapy for you.
I'll have Aunty Wilma read this when there's a time that dosen't any Korean Soap Operas showing.....oops, that will never happen. If it ain't showing on TV, she's watching it on DVD. It's like drugs. She's addicted to it.
Her typical day is: take care the dogs, go to work, take care the dogs, watch Korean soaps, sleep, sleep, sleep and mix in eating.

I'm at work right now, its 7:18am, been here for an hour.
Time to be productive. Gotta check if your dad is at work. How do I check you ask? He forwards me tons of e-mail that he receives. Jokes, pictures, etc.

Gosh, what I just wrote, would that be considered my first "BLOG"

Oh no!!! what have you done to me

Alwyn said...

One of my favorite comedians, Rodney Carrington, once said. "How come you never hear about anybody going INTO the closet?"