Friday, September 22, 2006

It's a Small World (Take 1)

Weird things happen to me. Call it coincidence, call it fate. It doesn't really matter. It just serves to show me how small the world really is. Or at least how small my world is. Which is really odd since it's not unusual for me to feel rather alone. So either it really is a small world or someone just likes to keep freaking me out.

The Mommies and Me

One of my priorities as a stay at home mom is my son. (Duh!) So I try to keep him socialized by signing us up for mommy and me type classes. A few months ago we finished our first class together (an art class for those of you curious folks).

Since the class has ended, we've run into one of the moms and her daughter quite frequently. We see them at McDonald's, at Toys R Us. Mind you we've never run into any one else from that same class. I'm already thinking how odd we keep seeing them.

Then last Saturday we are attending an open house/kiddie carnival at my husband's working place. And who should I see there?! Ding! Ding! Ding! Give that reader a prize! Yes, the same mother and her daughter. It turns out her husband also works for the same company as mine. Please keep in mind this all occurs in different cities.

So today my son and I began our new cooking class together. We walk through the door and ... lo! and behold! ... it is them!

But wait! It is not over yet! Ye, of little faith! Yes, there's more!

Her mother is there in the class, too. While I am introduced to grandma, I notice her name tag (specifically her last name). So I have to comment since it is the same as my maiden name. And I add that mine is spelled with a "y". Grandma replies that her last name was supposed to have a "y" but got screwed up in the whole Japanese to English translation. Now it's getting eerie.
A few more minutes pass as we are into our task of making pita pizza. Then my son pipes up and tries telling everyone his full name (which he hears often if he is misbehaving). I have to translate in adult language because most of what comes out of his 3 year old mouth is only something I can fully understand. And I swear you could see ears just perk up. (I told you! Weren't you reading?! Weird things happen to me.) It turns out that they have a grandpa with my son's middle name.

WAIT! There's more!

Who do you think I named my son after? God! You are good! He got his name from my grandpa! So there are two grandpas with the same name, both of which are from Oahu with families in California who just happen to attend the same classes.

Is it just me or is this weird?

Ah, the observant ones have noticed that this is just Take 1.

If you doubt me about this small world, please keep reading. I promise at least 3 more installments of similar strange "small world" events.

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